Fight for Democracy

Russian opposition against the war and the Kremlin

About us

We are Russians who fight for democracy and peace

There are more of us than it appears to be, and it is essential for us to be seen and heard.

We are individuals, small initiative groups and organisations in Russia and all around the world. We are very different, but we oppose Putin’s autocracy and his war together.

engaged in protests in russia

648 200+

Active activists

32 500+

activists in Jail or fined

15 450+

What do we do

Dozens of movements united together

Feminist Anti-War Resistance (FAWR)
Vesna (Spring)
Media Partisans
The Call to Conscience
Teplitsa (Greenhouse)
Green Ribbon
Visible Protest
Anti-War Sick Leave
Students Against the War (SAW)
Stop The Wagons
Legion Freedom of Russia
Partisan Media Movement
Activism Without Borders
Flag Of Wonderful Russia of the Future
Emigration for Action

Our Projects

Watch the Protest
on the map

Posters, stickers, performances — the whole country protests against the Kremlin and it`s war

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Brave Partisans

Interactive bot with protest ideas

watch in Telegram

Brave Partisans

Interactive bot with protest ideas

watch in Telegram

Brave Partisans

Interactive bot with protest ideas

watch in Telegram

Help us stop the Kremlin,

support the ones

who strike

The Antiwar Fund

the Antiwar Fund supports the people who are at risk of losing their job because of their antiwar position and protects their human rights.


who are in jail

OVD Info

an independent media project for human rights and political persecution in Russia. Using our hotline we collect information on arrests at the protests, publish news and coordinate legal aid to those arrested.


who immigrate

The Antiwar Committee

since the war has begun, hundreds of thousands of Russians left the country. Many of them - into the unknown, without a job and savings. The Antiwar committee has founded a support group for Russian emigrants who are against the military aggression against Ukraine and don't find it possible for themselves to live in Putin's Russia.


Who fight in media

Media Partisans

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