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Ark shares what anti-war and humanitarian projects achieved over the past year

January 19, 2023 0:31

The best way to help yourself is by helping others. Here we share what anti-war and humanitarian projects achieved over the past year and encourage you to join the anti-war movement this year. Free Russia NL organized 10 anti-war demonstrations and raised funds for nine generators that are now being distributed in Ukraine by Warmth for Ukraine, volunteers. It also raised several thousand euros in humanitarian aid for Kharkiv region residents and held a number ofcharity and educational events.

SmåRådina held 30 anti-war protests in Norway and raised more than 150,000 krones to provide aid to Ukrainians and purchase, generators and charging stations for civilians across the country suffering from Russian shelling.

The Pristanište Foundation provided temporary housing to 595 people who fled war and repression and awarded 52 scholarships to children whose families stayed in Montenegro. The project team processed applications from 1,644 people and gave more than 80 master classes and lessons to its wards.

Four Reforum Space resource centers were opened in Berlin, Vilnius, Tallinn, and Tbilisi with the support of the FreeRussia Foundation. The centers are intended for those who fled the war orrepressions and are actively engaged in humanitarian, educational, social, andpolitical projects.

Reforum Space based in Tallinn provides 65 people with an opportunity to study Estonian and supports anti-warrallies (the biggest rally gathered around 400 people). Reforum Space Vilnius hosted 86 events and the Tbilisi office accommodated more than 1000 guests. The Berlin office, which is the youngest one, has already held 10 events. Also, itis helping emigrants deal with German bureaucracy in a test mode.

Free Russians e.V organized 13 anti-war protests and actions in support of democracy in Russia. They helped refugees in Munich and raised humanitarian aid for those who stayed in Ukraine.

Uznik Online together with partners held 45 Political Prisoner Letter Writing Nights. The events were hosted in Saint Petersburg,Yerevan, Istanbul, Yekaterinburg, Fethiye, Tbilisi, Batumi, London, Paris, Prague, Helsinki, Belgrade, Berlin, Ottawa, and other cities all over the world.

Comunità dei Russi Liberi held more than a dozen of demonstrations, rallies, protests, and performances, raised €4,500 for generators within the Warmth for Ukraine project and helped more than 2,000 Ukrainian families. In addition, this community organized two cultural events and three major charity projects for refugees and citizens of Ukraine.

The Reshim Humanitarian Projects Hub recruited around 100 volunteers for 50 projects and raised almost $900 for the Motshaleba Foundation and the Emigration for Action project.

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